Gold Time That You Owe Me

Gold Time That You Owe Me Manga

Alternative: 时光欠我一个你,我的首长男友,Waktu Berharga Yg Kau Hutang Padaku,Thứ Mà Thời Gian Nợ Anh Chính Là Em
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Author(s): HangMan,
Genre: Romance, Webtoons,
Status: Ongoing
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Gold Time That You Owe Me Content

Failing to pay the huge debt, Chen Yanxin was chased by her father's creditor. In order to get rid of these desperate people, she hid in the nightclub and dressed as a heavy makeup waiter. Unexpectedly, there is another man who is also avoiding the pursuit...Under all kinds of accidents, she had to make a fake play with this strange man...

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