Alternative: 데자부 ; Déjà-vu - Jahreszeiten der Liebe ; Déjà-vu - L'amour est éternel ; Deja vu - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Author(s): Youn in-wan
Artist(s): Kim tae hyung ; Park sung woo ; Yang kyung-il ; Yoon seung-ki
Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Sci fi , Tragedy,
Type: Korean Manhwa - Read from left to right.
Release: 2004
Status: Ongoing

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From Tokyopop: Unfulfilled love always ends tragically… or does it? Through different seasons and different eras in time, two lovers cross paths again and again, trying for that one chance to get it right. Different lives, at different points in history, but one thing remains constant—their love for each other. Spanning the beginning of history, WWII-era Japan, modern-day America, and the far distant future, these love stories remind us that love truly has no boundaries.

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